Wire Mesh Shelving

Wire Mesh Shelving
Generally, wire shelving is available in heights: 63"h, 74"h, and 86"h.

Industrial Wire Shelving is a versatile, durable, easily adjustable choice for your material handling needs. Because of its wire construction, it doesn't collect dust or block sprinkler systems. Wire shelving constructed of tough carbon steel plated in bright zinc, then lacquer-coated for an attractive, bright finish.

Our wire shelving carts is available in widths: 36"w, 48"w, and 60"w.

The wire mesh carts made of welded steel panels are sturdy, mobile four-shelf carts. All carts feature 63" posts and 5" wheels in a variety of depths and widths. This kind of wire shelving cart makes shelves up to 25% stronger and provides retaining ledge for increased storage stability and product retention.

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