Welded Wire Cages

1.Welding Warehouse Cage

Warehouse cage with high-quality steel wire welding, pressure welding, the bottom of the U-shaped channel steel reinforcement. Is the domestic and foreign manufacturers, supermarket retailers generally used as a logistics products. Is a special packaging with a similar role and trays, which can be three-dimensional loading and unloading, storage, transportation, logistic turnover case can also be used. (Features) 1, specifications unity, the capacity is fixed, stored at a glance, easy to count. Second, you can use a variety of handling equipment for handling, self-stacking four to achieve three-dimensional storage; space when folded storage cage storage, save space. 3, easy to use, the surface electric galvanized treatment plants and outdoor environment of anti-corrosion, long service life. Fourth, the use of strong steel bars welded together, the integration rate is high among the bottom in order to U-beam welded reinforcement, consistency. 5, with the handling equipment can be used in the transportation, handling, loading and unloading, storage links of various logistics, reduce costs, improve efficiency 6, in the warehouse cage coupled with Wantong board or cardboard, to protect the storage cage easy draw wound surface of the items, to ensure the quality of materials.

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2.Welding Pet Cage

Our quality welded animal cage to provide you with an effective way to train animals and pets to maintain the safety and security of the distance from the effective prevention away from home. Our hard drive cage with a zinc or epoxy powder in a choice of black or blue paint of choice, a high-quality animal cages. When not in use, the cage folds for easy transport or storage of a suitcase-style. Our animal cage production of high-quality large-size line. Five Hsiao Ke accommodate all the animals and pets. Our cages come, and they have two doors, ease of use and implementation of the deal with a strong plastic base is not sharp.

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