Collapsible Animal Trap Cage
Collapsible Animal Cage
2.Size:Any size can be ordered.
3.The surface is Galvanized,PVC,etc
4.ISO9001:2008 approved
Collapsible Animal Cage
Materials and technology: The Animal trap is made through bending, welding with stainless steel wire. The surface is mirror surface finishing.
Specification: According to customer's demand
Characteristic: unique design,beautiful exterior,long useful time.
Purpose: It can be used as dog cages,bird cages,rat cages,hamster cages and so on.
Animal Trap
Product No. Material Finish Size  Weight
BBL001 1008 iron wire PVC Coated 13.8"×7"×6.5" 800g
BBL002 1008 iron wire Cold galvanizing 16×8×8 920g
BBL003 1008 iron wire Cold galvanizing 13.8×7×6.5 800g
BBL004 1"×1/2"Wire mesh
Cold galvanizing 16×6×6 1400g
BBL005 1"×1/2"Wire mesh
Cold galvanizing 16×6×6 800g
BBL006 SUS304 Polishing
10×4.5×4 300g
BBL007 1008 Iron Wire
Pot galvanizing
31×17×16 4200g
Collapsible Animal Trap Cage No1.   Collapsible Animal Trap Cage No2.
Collapsible Animal Trap Cage No3.   Collapsible Animal Trap Cage No4.
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