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BoBaily Wire Cage Factory is a professional manufacturer of wire mesh cages located in China, offering pet cages, warehouse cages, storage cages, security cages, animal live traps and other wire products like shelving, partitions and racks. We aim at providing wire mesh processed containers for warehouse storage, animal security and various industrial uses.
BBL wire cages are offered in both foldable cages or fixed cages, made of welded or woven wire mesh fabrics. Wire cages have chiefly the following styles: 2-layer, 3 layer or 4 layers. According to sizes, wire cages can be divided into small, medium or large cages. Finishes for wire materials can be chrome plated steel wire, hot dipped zinc plated, powder coated and stainless steel.
We hope to provide the highest quality wire cage products and first class service for the customers home and abroad. We sincerely welcome your visit to our company for business negotiation and cooperation.
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BoBaily Wire Cage Factory
Add: No. 31, Xicheng, Dezhou, China
Email: sales@wirecages.org
URL: https://www.wirecages.org

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